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Has anyone in the US used cisco's remote phy solution for ubr10ks

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Has anyone in the US used cisco's remote phy solution for ubr10ks


We are thinking about deploying this solution and our cisco supplier is saying it is not for US customers, and I am not seeing the same thing in the docs....

I show it on the US cisco price list with an option for a US power cord so I think my cisco supplier is a wee bit crazy. Was curious if anyone had deployed it.

Better off looking at remote mac/phy

Big benefits.

Look at Gainspeed

I think you should document

I think you should document yourself a lot more about Remote-PHY first.

It is in the Spec, but it does not mean many vendors will support it. If being stuck with Cisco is not a problem, go ahead. But budget wise, you will have an issue. Cisco will be the supplier, and they will dictate the price. You will have no way to negotiate anything. It is exactly what happened with with the Edge-QAM solution from Docsis 3.0, Cisco was the only one who implemented it.

Just a reminder, for who did not know, when 10K was launched, a fully equipped chassis was around 1 milion USD.

What I am curious about, is to see the HuaWei DOCSIS solution launched first.

Huawei already launched

Huawei already launched DOCSIS 3.0.

And its fairly cheap compare to any docsis cmts.

Technically YES, it is

Technically YES, it is launched, but I am waiting to see it launched "in the field", at least in Europe.

It might be normal to be cheap, but I expect it will not work flawless. Remember the first generation of CASA CMTS, was not that great after all.

Yes I have used it in the field

Don't know about Europe,but we have used 100s of boxes in the field.No major issues related to it.We are running 8x4 offering plans up to 100mag. Various vendors are coming up with the solutions (Huawei,Sumavision,Technicolor) even Cisco CMC.All are C-DOCSIS design not like M/I- CMTS. Some are at par with Cisco,others are half baked. :)

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