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Ghost Modems

Is there a way to find out more information about ghost modems on a CMTS? I have a CMTS that is showing some ghost modems and i am not able to locate where those modems might have been or are now. a command that shows that mac address would help.
And what ideas do you have about clearing those ghost modems?

Thank you


What do you have in regards to a cmts and what version sw are you running?
I bought one of those modems to test with and they work really well lol, but they have a real problem doing bpi+. just bpi and they get through, sorry I only know bout Motorola, not others. maybe somebody who knows about Cisco or Arris could add in if needed. but don't know what you use right now. if you have 1.0 modems in your system, they have to go as well. upgrade if possible


Ghost Modems

which make of CMTS are you using? Clearing line card counters should solve the problem. Did you try doing a release upgrade?

Arris huh?

Arris huh?

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