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Getting IP addresses of all CMs

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Getting IP addresses of all CMs


how could I get the IP addresses of all the CMs currently on the network via SNMP? Should I get them from the every particular CMTS or is there another way of getting them?

I need them for getting / setting values of every particular CM in the net.


snmp server

Do you have an snmp server? how many cmts's do you have and the average number of modems per cmts?
there's simple tools to get the ip's from a scan for that given network or an old 3com tool that's good for upgrades. but an snmp server for the most part is what would be used to get info from the modems, why I asked if and what kind. depending on the cmts, there could be different oid's


Hi, I have a NET-SNMP


I have a NET-SNMP installed and I can get info from modems via these OIDs for example: = System Description = Modem up time = Some useful information (walk) = HFC IP (getnext) = HFC Subnet (getnext) Mac = Maximum upload bandwidth = Maximum download bandwidth = Current status (walk) = Hosts behind modem = TFTP Configuration file server IP = Configuration file name = Current firmware = DHCP Server IP = Time Server IP = View Log (walk) = Downstream Frequency = Image File = Learned MAC (Get Next)

But I have a problem where I need the IP to get this info from any I am using PHP's Net-SNMP module to do it. And I have trouble getting the list of all the IPs of modems at some particular moment.

Could you please list some of those apps, preferably compatible with php?


You could use the

You could use the ipNetToMedia table to pull all the modem ips from the CMTS. In theory it should work with all brands of CMTSes, but I know it works with Cisco CMTSes.

its oid is, on cisco CMTSes it is indexed by cable blade or Bundle. So for example on one of my CMTSes Bundle 1 has an interface index of 42, so I walk the oid you can then process the results. (if you do not know hat index your Cable blade or Bundle is try walking it will list the interfaces and their indexes.)

You can browse the OID tree on Cisco's Site Here

It should be trivial to use net-snmp with PHP to gather this info.

modems and cpes

So, this would show the ip of the modems and cpes ! :/ is useful !

-- My wish ... --

Thanks guys! It helped me

Thanks guys! It helped me out a lot!

you welcome

You welcome! :)

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found something

. looks interesting :) now to filter those online/offline modems ...

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