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General questions Arris TM804G

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General questions Arris TM804G


Just a regular technical guy (engineer), with no experience in the industry looking for a sanity check.

This is my question->Is there any explanation for why i cant to a simple repetitive ping test to a Ariss 804G modem that isn't connected to the coax without getting significant failures ? Getting intermittent periods of like 60 seconds where the ping returns general failure. Occurs every 20-40 minutes.

More details are below.

I am trying to fix my intermittent internet and trying to avoid a truck roll due to covid. The two most likely issues to me are non ideal wiring somewhere between the pole and my modem, or a flaky modem itself.

The modem was a Arris TM822G and i purchased the same exact model on ebay for jsut 20 bucks. When unit arrived, it was a TM804G. Figured id try to, had optimum provision it, and it had the same basic performance as the previous modem.

Skipping tons of results of various experiments, I found myself setting up an experiment I did even though I Was sure what the results would be.

I have a little WIN10 computer, very clean software wise. I have a little bat file that is pinging the modem at The modem ISNT connected to the incoming coax.

I was shocked when I look at the log and saw periods of up to a minute, every 20-40 minutes where I was getting ping failures.... I see no responses and general failures.

I am baselining by trying to ping my router at 192.168.1 (again, nothing else is connected). I have one ping failure in an hour, and while even that is surprising, its nothing like the massive failures I have seen with the modem.

So, is it possible that the Arris modem I have been testing for a week and seeing intermittent real world failures under various network configurations, is just totally intermittent as evidenced by the massive amount of ping failures during the simplest test I can think of ?

Is there any explanation for why i cant to a simple repetitive ping test to a Ariss 804G modem that isnt connected to the coax withing getting significant failures ?



Most likely the modem has

Most likely the modem has been scanning for DS channels, eventually gives up and re-initialises (no pings successful during the reboot process). Repeat.

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