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Forward and return combiners

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Forward and return combiners

Hi, long time replyer, first time ever posting a question !

What are you using for forward and return combiners ?

Are you using integrated devices eg :
* ViewTEQ MFS-210R (forward path)
* ViewTEQ IRC-314 (return path)

Or are you "building your own" using modular combiner / splitter components eg :

In the forward path we are combining signals like CMTS, DTV, sweep, and some misc analog modulators.

In the return path we are splitting signals to CMTS and sweep.

We use the ViewTEQ gear, it is compact, priced OK, and works well. But I am interested to hear suggestions / feedback on other solutions.

combiner/splitter components

When we started doing cable modems (before docsis, in the early 90's) we used whatever we could find. Things weren't too terribly organized back then, and most of the company had no clue about 2-way service, including most of the field personal. We used home-made amplifiers at the time, housed in huge aluminum boxes on the poles, so tossing in diplexers (from Microwave Filter Co, if I remember correctly) and return amps (again, home-made) into them.
We used everyday splitters, however at the headend, we tried to seperate downstream and upstream cables by using white cable for returns.
Ahh, the good old days of bleeding edge communications. It never got old seeing a customer see their 500k up and 500k down Zenith cable modem work for the first time! It blew them away!
We now are using the ATX Maxnet for our sites now. They are dense enough to get the job done.


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