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Force narrowband offline

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Force narrowband offline

We have UBR10K systems and want to force narrowband modems offline or severely restrict their bandwidth. We want the resident/customer calling in to get the issue fixed and not taking away from the bandwidth of the 8x and 16x groups. Does anyone have any suggestions of how best to accomplish this? Thanks.

Handled by the provisioning system


one simple idea would be to create the solution by the provisioning system. You can create a filter by the e.g. DHCPv4 Option 60 (Vendor Class Identifier) which is starting with e.g. docsis3.0 for 3.0 CM. So, maybe filter and give all CMs with docsis2 and docsis1 a bootfile with very limited maxSustainedRate.

Thanks for idea.

Thanks for idea. Unfortunately I can't make that change in the provisioning that we are currently using. I was hoping to do something within the CMTS or possibly the config file. I'd like them to automatically go to an offline or limited bandwidth state when not bonding.

By now most DOCSIS2.0 capable

By now most DOCSIS2.0 capable modems should have invalid certificates for BPI+.This is because their certificates have a limited validity period.

So just force certificate validity in your CMTS and all old modems should stay offline after their next restart.

Another option might be to collect all the mac-addresses of the modems you want to go offline and place them on the cable hotlist of your CMTS.

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