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Euro DOCSIS 3.0 and Cisco ?

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Euro DOCSIS 3.0 and Cisco ?


Does anyone know if UBr 7225 and 7246 are compatible with M-CMTS architecture.
Reading the specifications of each ubr we haven't found anything related to Docsis 3.0 but in a cisco whitepaper, it seems that is compatible ...

It would be nice if some Cisco specialist can light me :)
Moreover it seems that a DTI server ( is required to have a working M-CMTS architecture.

Thank you for your help

Euro DOCSIS 3.0 & Cisco

Not a "Cisco expert" here but I think the answer is no and here's why.

You need a wideband SPA card which and a DTCC interface card. I dont believe that either of these card formats are supported in a chassis other than a 10K.

Look at Casa Systems for small DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS's.

I've heard that but are the

I've heard that but are the cards for these models. I know the provider who uses the 72xx series, and takes M-CMTS technology. Unfortunately, I do not know the accurate facts, and I suggest to ask directly in cisco.

monter (not verified)
Cisco will release a 8x8

Cisco will release a 8x8 cards for 7225 and 7246VXR platform soon. Together with the ubr-NPE-G2 you will get (Euro)DOCSIS 3.0 (bronze) system. But only I-CMTS, no M-CMTS support.

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