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Error code d3.0

Hi using both cadant (mainly) and casa cmts some modems are receiving rsp 11 and rejecting registration. What could be causing this?

—log from cm

INFO] [DOCSIS.CHDB_RCP(pid=647)]: Use RCP group : AvailablePuma6DsUSRcps
[INFO] [DOCSIS.CFG_PARSER(pid=647)]: Configuration file: Saved to NVRAM vendorClassId = 0
[INFO] [DOCSIS.REGISTRATION(pid=271)]: REG-RSP-MP [1 fragments] received [CMTS Response 11].
[WARNING] [DOCSIS.REGISTRATION(pid=271)]: CMTS Response is 11, ignoring REG-RSP!
[INFO] [DOCSIS.REGISTRATION(pid=647)]: pt1.RegAck required
[WARNING] [ARRIS.INIT(pid=647)]: DB_ETHERNET_LINK_BOUNCE feature not enabled
[INFO] [DOCSIS.REINIT_MAC(pid=647)]: ReinitMAC : DS = -1, UCID = -1, Reason = REG_RSP_NOT_OK (7)

on the Casa I would try this:

on the Casa I would try this:

(config)# cable mdd rcp fragment support
(config)# cable mdd rcp verbose support

These commands enable fragmented or verbose RCC/RCP TLV pack transmission
support. With fragmented support enabled, the CCAP informs registered CMs that it
supports fragmented RCC/RCP TLV packet transmissions if the Receive Channel
Profile (RCP) length exceeds 255. Both values can be set at the same time.

D3.0 error

I appreciate your input, what do you think could be causing the issue on the arris cadant? And the casa seems to keep having the issue..

No experience with Cadent

No experience with Cadent sorry.

As for the casa next step would be a debug...

debug cable mac-address 0011.2233.4455
debug cable
logging debugging

no logging
to stop it from logging.

if you post the debug can probably give you further advice.

It’s definitely cadant giving

It’s definitely cadant giving me issues. Non provisioned macs come online just fine to activation page, pass
Bpi etc, then I get that error with a few customer modems. If anyone has the cmts reject 11 reg-rsp for cadant cmts, and could give me an answer I’d appreciate it. I can’t find it anywhere. Provisioned their modems correctly. It never even passes registration to say passing bpi, but an unprovisioned mac will.

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