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Equalization Data

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Anonymous (not verified)
Equalization Data

Does anybody knows how to correctly interpret the value of docsIfCmtsStatusEqualizationData (.
for instance:

CMTS Index = 297
MAC Address = 00:14:04:5D:9A:54:
IP Address =
Downstream Channel = (3) Cable Downstream 0/0
Upstream Channel = (5) Cable Upstream - 0/1
Receive Power = 10.70 dBmW
Timming Offset = 2430
Equalization Data = 00:60:FF:40:00:40:00:E0:FE:80:FD:C0:3F:40:00:00:
Connectivity State = (6) Registration Complete
Unerroreds codewords = 196298576
Correcteds codewords = 10927
UnCorrectables codewords = 480
Codeword Error Rate = .00024 %
Corrected Codeword Error Rate = .00556 %
Signal Noise Ratio = 29.40 dBmW
Microreflections = 0 dBc
Docsis Registration Mode = (1) docsis 1.0
Modulation Type = (1) TDMA

thanks. kind regards.

Equalization Data

That looks look more general transmission data there -- SNR, FECs, etc. I don't see anything that looks equalization related. I wonder if post-equalization data is in a different mib?

Anonymous (not verified)
Equalization Data

hi, i'm sure about the mib. I've been trying to improve our monitor system based on the recommendations from:


but i just don't know how to get that printouts. could it be accomplished? how? thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)
Equalization Data

Equalization Data is not really useful for your interpretation. As the paper points out you should look for microreflections and per cm snr. Make sure your CMTS supports per modem SNR. MR are afaik only relevant on the BigBand CMTS - at least that's the only one I know which translates it into something meaningful.

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