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Enable remote access on SBG6580 Cable Modem

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Enable remote access on SBG6580 Cable Modem


We are an ISP and we have some SBG6580 cable modem and they do not allow remote access by the Ip Wan.

In the interface web you do not have an option to enable remote access.

Can you tell me a way to enable this remote access option by snmp in the docsis file or if you have a better option

I remain attentive to the answers


So, you are looking to enable when needed and disable when not needed? If so this mib should from work in SNMP for what you are trying to do.

Name: cmConfigGuiHfcAccessEnable
Base syntax: INTEGER
Composed syntax: TruthValue
Status: current
Max access: read-write
Default values: 1: false (name)
Description: This object is used to control GUI access on the HFC interface. When this object is set to true(1) the GUI is accessible on the HFC address. This variable should be stored in NV Ram.

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