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EMTAs and L2VPN BSR64K CMTS (Solved)

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EMTAs and L2VPN BSR64K CMTS (Solved)

Hi Folks,

I am looking for a solution so I can use D3.0 EMTA type modems, Hitron, Cisco on BSR64K CMTS.
I have had success with a Zoom D3 modem.
I configure the Cisco and Hitron EMTAs to come online using bridge mode with CM config file. The CMTS reports they are online on the VLAN but I can't ping across the VLAN. My test setup is I have a router connected to switch access port VLAN13 and my laptop connected to the modem.
When I use wireshark on a port mirroring the CMTS trunk port I can see no packets when I use Cisco, Hitron EMTAs. I see arps and icmps when I use a zoom modem, as expected.

Knock-BSR13.LAB:7A#scm 105f.4982.2b16
Intf Prim Prim Prim Connect Timing RxPwr Ip Address Mac Address
Cable DS US Sid State Offset dBmV
10/0 B10 U0C0L0 10 online(pt) 1035 -4.9 105f.4982.2b16

Knock-BSR13.LAB:7A#scm 105f.4982.2b16 mac
MAC Address MAC Prim DOC Qos Frag Con PHS Priv DCC DS US Dev
State SID Ver Prov Saids Sids
105f.4982.2b16 online(pt) 10 3.0 1.1 yes yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 eMTA

Knock-BSR13.LAB:7A#show bridge vlan
Selected Network Bridge Port: gigaether 12/0
Vlan CM Stackable
---- -------------- ---------
13 105f.4982.2b16 enabled

As you can see CMTS says it's on VLAN13 put the modem doesn't have connectivity across vlan13.

CM config.

NetworkAccess 1;
DownstreamFrequency 291000000;
GenericTLV TlvCode 45 TlvLength 1 TlvValue 0x01;
VendorIdentifier 0xffffff;
GenericTLV TlvCode 5 TlvLength 13 TlvValue 0x0105023456000402040202000d; <<-- Puts the modem on vlan 13. 0x0d = 13
UsServiceFlowRef 1;
QosParamSetType 7;
SchedulingType 2;
GenericTLV TlvCode 43 TlvLength 14 TlvValue 0x0803ffffff050701050234560009;
ServiceClassName "bizplusus";
DsServiceFlowRef 2;
QosParamSetType 7;
ServiceClassName "bizplusds";
GlobalPrivacyEnable 1;
SnmpMibObject hitronGwMgmtRouter.0 Integer 2; /* false */
SnmpMibObject saRgIpMgmtLanMode.32 Integer 1; /* bridge */
/* CmMic 81ba699069f691f9e639b758072343e9; */
/* CmtsMic b81e90d6ed574f0a32a6ee08b422e15c; */
/* Pad */

CMTS config:

interface gigaether 12/0
description L2 School Vlans
bridge mode trunk
no shutdown

We want to deploy these modems as a bridge and the EMTA won't be used. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks for reading my query,

In case this helps someone

In case this helps someone else.
I solved this, the issue was the Hitron BVW EMTA needed to have a valid DHCP lease and SIP provision. For Cisco the EMTA needed to be disabled via CM config file. So looks like these type of modems won't have L2VPN connectivity with an invalid EMTA provision. I noticed this because it started working after 10 minutes and I'm concluding the EMTAs give up looking for a valid provision after X attempts. I was focussed on getting L2VPN working and I didn't think EMTA provisioning would matter.

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