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eMTA availablility

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Anonymous (not verified)
eMTA availablility

has anyone noticed a sudden lack of vendor's for eMTA's?

anyone know which of the companies is still in the business?

anyone got a working TLV-based not-fully PacketCable, but is packetcable based set of files for that particularly eMTA?


eMTA availablility

Arris TM502
Motorola SBV5220

Anonymous (not verified)
eMTA availablility

have you looked at motorola's stuph lately? sbv5220 went *POOF*

i was kinda hoping I had more than 1 choice (arris). I didnt have a lot of luck getting the last arris one we had (almsot 2 yrs ago) working on our box, but that doesnt mean we couldnt do it now, i just like having choices.


I think these might be active:

Scientific-Atlanta DPC2223
Terayon TJ 955
Ambit U10C017
InnoMedia EMTA 3528-4e
Pace DV315

Other EMTAs listed at http://www.cablemodem.com/downloads/Certified_Products.pdf

I'm pretty sure Cisco/Linksys has one as well...

eMTA availablility


Scientific Atlanta EPX2203 (Hybrid. need a DOCSIS-Lock via TLV, to registered on Annex B-Mode CMTS)

Thomson THG520 (Hybrid, registering on both Modes without TLV-Entry in Configfile)

eMTA availablility

We just tried getting from Arris TM402's after having configured and trialed our service with them, but when we tried to order some yesterday our supplier told us that they were no longer available, so now it's the TM502's.

We would like to use the Motorola SBV5220's, but there's no way to turn off DQoS, which our Nuera RDT-8 (GR-303) gateway does not like.


yoyo wrote:Arris TM502
Motorola SBV5220

Anonymous (not verified)
eMTA availablility

despite knowing about the cable labs certified list, honestly I didn't look at it due to over 3 of the vendors suddenly dropping products, just because they are certified does not mean they are an active product. i did not know that Thomson, Pace, Ambit, or Innomedia made one, but will look into that now.

Terayon has dropped cable modems completely from their site and sales channels.

SciAtl just informed us last week before I made the post that they wouldnt send us a eMTA because they were stopping that product line.

(i already stated that Motorola seems to have dropped their product as well.)

thanks for the responses.

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