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Dual Speed for internal traffic and internet traffic

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Dual Speed for internal traffic and internet traffic

Hi, I`m from argentina and want to set up my hfc network as described bellow, can you tell me if that it`s possible?

* Speed for internet access goes from 128 kbps to 512 kbps
* now the dream: it's possible to set up another speed for the local
network? ie: no speed limit or 1 mbps for internal ftp, gaming, or
any other transfers

1. If is possible, how to do it?
2. Where must set the second speed? (i was testing a ftp, but the
speed for transfers never pass the speed of the binary)
3. It is certain that there will need to add packet processing
routes, depending on destination, but it`s a dark side for me

Any help is welcome

Thanks, Daniel

if your using Docsis 1.1 or

if your using Docsis 1.1 or higher this is easily accomplished with service flows.

Multiple service flows can be created in a particular modem config file in both upstream and downstream directions. The first service flow in the config file is the default service flow for that direction. To use the other service flows you need to create a classifier, to classify a particular type of traffic and assign it to a service flow. You can classify by port, destination, source, protocol and several other criteria.

In this particular case you would create a config file with two service flows for both downstream and upstream
the first downstream service flow would be your default service flow you would set its speed to 128 kbps and allow it to burst to 512kbps, then you would create a service flow with a speed of 1 meg for internal traffic. Now you would create a classifier that matched traffic on your lan, probably by network and mask. then repeat the process for upstream.

Docsis 1.1

First, thanks for the answer

All that changes will be made only in the config file?
Can i mail you with a config file to see if it`s ok the changes?
I use SurfBoard docsis editor v1.6, but never compile a binary file before

Thanks in advance

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