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Downstream resiliency/migration

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Downstream resiliency/migration

We use a Cisco UBR10012 with RFGW-1D's which uses cards for the RF. We have seen on occasion these RF cards fail resulting in loss of some downstreams, which wouldn't be a problem except many modems still use these downstreams in their bonding group and it kills their performance. I think they need to be told this channel/group of channels are no longer functioning properly, is there a way I can have the CMTS handle this dynamically? I just want them to remove the no longer functioning RF downstream channels. I've looked at the cable rf-change-trigger command to see if this may work. Just looking for recommendations.

Pretty sure you just do this

Pretty sure you just do this :

cable rf-change-trigger percent 50 count 1 secondary (or similar)
cable resiliency ds-bonding

Then for each mac-domain you have to allocate a few new bonding groups that just contain the line :
cable ds-resiliency

IOS will then use these new groups to make/remove new combinations on demand
eg drop out the dead channels

show the status with

show cable resil
show cable modem resil

And I assume you need to make sure cm-status is enabled as well

But yeah, not sure if its a great idea though.
Probably better to try and fix the reason for lost channels.

Well, the cards just fail

Well, the cards just fail from time to time, install a new card and they are good to go. I just want a way to tell the modems the channel's serviced by the RF-Port are no longer available and to suspend them on the CMTS. Below is what I'm looking at, I don't/can't really do the ds-resiliancy group. I just want to make sure the synxtax below will do what I intend.

Don't make any changes until dampen-time of 60 secons.
Move off bad channel after 10 percent of modems recognize it's status is bad.
Activate cm-status 1 for the modems so it reports to CMTS bad RF-channels from modems. (1—Secondary channel MDD time-out)

Router(config)# cable rf-change-dampen-time 60
Router(config)# cable rf-change-trigger percent 10
Router(config)# cable cm-status 1 holdoff 1

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