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downstream bandwidth

Hi All,

With Arris C3 cmts if configured at 64Qam modulation with how many users/customer can allocate the whole downstream bandwidth?


Downstream Bandwidth

A 64Qam channel is capable of around 27 Mbps before overhead, figure about 5% there.

The number of uses depends on the downstream subscription rates that your selling your customers. Many cable operators sell different tiers of services. This makes doing the "math" complicated.

If your trying to figure out if your downstream is overloaded what I suggest doing is setting up external tools and monitoring the the CMTS for downstram channel utilization % over time. This will give you an understanding of when your peak usage is and what it is.

If it's above 70% I would start to look at using 256 qam or additional C3 platforms.

The C3 claims to support 3000 Docsis devices but chances are you'll be way over subscibed using 64Qam.

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