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I need to know if somebody has a DOCSIS1.1 file to provide QoS for rstp protocol and VOIP.

See this post for my config

See this post for my config for VOIP.

We aren't doing VOD yet but I imagine the configuration is similar.

With VOIP (SIP) the connection uses a random port from 10000-20000 for voice connections, in addition to the sip protocol port so port based rules are out. What works well is IP or subnet based rules. Basically what the config does is give traffic destined for SIP endpoint its own flow for both downstream and upstream. A single SIP call is about 60-80kb of bandwith (depending on codec) for each line in use. I have configured our configs with 256k upstream and downstream. Anytime traffic is sent to our sip server on any port it uses the special flows with higher priority, all other traffic uses the default flow. This way even if the customer is using all of his available bandwidth P2Ping (upload and download) and then tries to make a call they have dedicated bandwidth available for just their call that does not affect their other downloads, and most importantly, their other downloads do not affect their sip call.

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