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docsis server and dynamic dhcp for CM

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docsis server and dynamic dhcp for CM


we are having troubles with docsis server, or should I say lack of documentation (we are bunch of drunk idiots :P )

So here's the problem:

CMTS is Motorola BSR 2000
CM is SurfBoard 5120E

it's a Docsis 2.0 spec, and on the CM you cannot set anything mannualy (including the IP's), so here is the main problem...If we understand docsis server correctly, dhcp checks within mysql table and search for mac and ip address, the mac is ok, but the IP well let's just say we cannot set it on modem, so we need dhcp to give the address to the modem, and it always need's to be the same, because of the telephony.

So the main question is if we can set the CM address via DHCP because currently we get DHCP NAK.

Thank you folks in advance.

Bunch of drunk idiots

docsis server and dynamic dhcp for CM

As I understand you, you cannot set the desired IP to the CM. If that is the issue then check dhcpd.conf file (/etc/dhcpd.conf) and look do you have the option
ignore unknown-clients.

I'm usind docsis_server dhcp


tnx for quick reply but I'm using docsis server 2.0.4 which has embedded dhcp within, and that way there is no dhcpd.conf file. :?

Everything is stored in mysql database, but I haven't found that option unfortunately :(

Thank you

sorry I wasn't clear enough

I apologize for not being clear enough,

the Cable modems we have have no option to set IP mannualy, everything has to be done via DHCP including CM itself.

Hope to solve this problme soon, everything was working fine with CISCO routere as dhcp, but I needed more option with dhcp (most of them is per client option), and something that will be easier to maintain with 5000 users, so we started to test with docsis server.

In hope of more replies, and solving a problem.

Drunk team

P.S. we are currently thinking of rewriting the dhcp server for our needs, so I'll probably start tonight :(

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