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Docsis partial-mode

We are having trouble with a specific node, lots of people going into partial-mode on random upstream channels in their bond group. CMTS says channel are in "dr", this is a cisco ubr 10k we are using for the CMTS. We are seeing lots of misses on the node in the flap list relative to the rest of the plant, which we are trying to track down which is probably the cause, but it doesn't seem these or any of the customers on this CMTS ever recover the downed channel, they remain in "dr" status on the CMTS and "-" on modem interfaces for example until the modem is rebooted. My understanding is that "dr" stands for down and recoverable, but this never seems to recover. Is there some configuration option I need to set to make this work, or is the channel in the bond group supposed to stay down until reboot?