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DOCSIS Configuration File creator, version 0.9.6


we are using DOCSIS Configuration File creator, version 0.9.6 and I have an issue with OIDs.

I try to implement the MTA config for Ubee EVW32C and have the working template from a colleague.

When I want to compile it with docsis -p config.cfg it returns the error.

/* Error: Can't find oid sipEndPntConfigUserId.9 at line 4 */
encode_vbind: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> 1)
got len 0 value while scanning for SnmpMibObject
at line 4

I notice that Docsis v. 0.9.6 doesn't support "OIDs with text", but only numbers. It doesn' know "SnmpMibObject sipEndPntConfigUserId.9", but only "SnmpMibObject .".

What compiler do you use? Because I have a template only with "OIDs in text" and can't find the manual to convert OID text to numbers.

Thanks for any advice, vaitapu

docsis compiler uses net-snmp

docsis compiler uses net-snmp for its MIB resolution

if you install net-snmp, and run

snmptranslate -Oa -IR sipEndPntConfigUserId

you will probably find that it gives the same output, unknown Object Identifier.

This is because you do not have the MIB, text file describing the Object identifier in the path that docsis can find it. typically /usr/share/snmp/mibs/

if you copy the appropriate mibs to the directory, the snmptranslate command should return the name of the MIB::oidname, it may give other output but as long as the last line is that it should work.

Thanks for the quick reply..

Thanks for the quick are correct.

ns1:/home/vaitapu# snmptranslate -Oa -IR sipEndPntConfigUserId
Unknown object identifier: sipEndPntConfigUserId

This MIBs; OID name are related to specific CPE, right? It isn't the same to all Docsis CPEs?

I did a quick google search

I did a quick google search and that Object doesn't show up, so yes that is most likely a vendor proprietary OID...

But as you mentioned if you know the numeric version you can use that too, I usually use the numeric and then add /* sipEndPntConfigUserId */ at the end of the line so I know what that numeric string refers too. Docsis config generator ignores comments when generating a file.

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