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Docsis 3.0

Does anyone know where i can get info about docsis 3.0 ?

Anonymous (not verified)
Docsis 3.0

Hmm, I`ve found some info about DOCSIS 3.0 in
But it`s only a theory.
Recently there was an exhibition in Moscow - CabTV in Russia.
Some Motorola network engeneer told me about some details of DOCSIS 3.
So thereis 100 mbit/sec in downstream, every modem has 2 !!! DS interfaces separated by frequency. This is the way how it receive 100 mbit.
Additionally, Motorola BST64000 CMTS is planned to be DOCSIS 3.0 compatible. All you need is to change the software in this CMTS for migrating from DOCSIS 2.0 to DOCSIS 3.0

close, but not 100%

docsis 3.0 would use 4 downstream channels on the same downstream plant. the now modems would lock onto all 4 channels and get you 144 Meg for reg or J-dcosis and 190 Mb for euro. those numbers are after you take away the docsis overhead.
the bsr64k can be used for 3.0 if you have the docsis 2.0 2x8 cards. the older 1x4 and 1x8 cards, I'm not sure about.

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