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DOCSIS 1.1 questions


I have a BSR1000 Motorola CMTS. This is my sw version

CMTS1#sho ver

BSR 1000R(tm) version
Copyright (c) 2002 by Motorola.
Compiled Fri May 5 16:33:52 EDT 2006
MPC750 processor with 128MB memory.

1- How can I know if I'm in DOCSIS 1.1 ?

2- I want to know if with this sw version I can upgrade to DOCSIS 1.1

3- If that is the case, the only thing to do is to create down/up flows with DOCSIS 1.1 in the config files for the cable modems?

I hope I'm clear.

Thanks in advance

All you need is the modem file

Hi Cabo
The release your running does support docsis ver 1.1 and all you need is the modem files. I would recommend testing on a few modems before making a system wide change though ;-)

Where can I get the modem file?


Thanks for your post!!

I'm using Modem Profiler tool from Motorola to make the config files. With this tool can I make those modem files for DOCSIS 1.1? I'm confused about it and I would appreciate if you can give me some guidelines.

Thanks again!

modem tool

if you click the 1.1 tab on the top, it let's you know what fields need to be filled in. the one thing that some forget is to match the service classes on the cmts config. post your email address and I can send one or two examples


Hi cmcaldas!

Thanks for your response.

My email:

I tried to do what you tell me (the tab 1.1) long time ago and I created some config examples but it didn't work. I think it was due to the service classes. Would be great if you can send me some examples.

Thanks again!!

in the mail

Sent five example modem files that would work with the service classes on your current system unless you've made changes with the service classes


Hi cmcaldas

I'm very glad for your great apport. I'll check it and I'll coment later


I saw the files

Hi cmcaldas

Thanks is not enough for what you have done with this post!

I put it to work one of the files. (11-bpi.bin). Then I had to change the extension (.bin to .cfg) to work. As you said, like BPI was enabled, the test modem was in online blinking.

With BPI disabled the cable modem worked fine. I have a lot of questions, sorry for this....

1- If I disable the BPI parameter, I'm still in docsis 1.1 ?
2- With this config file I'm sure I'm in docsis 1.1 ? I mean how can I test if I'm using docsis 1.1. Do I have to make some changes on the cmts?
3- Do you have any running config for example for the cmts?
4- What the advantages for BPI ? summary
4- Any course that you know online about Docsis? tutorials ? how-to's? As you can see I'm not an expert but I want to learn more and more. If you about courses in Colombia or in other country it would be good.

I have to thank you again for all this and I invite for the rest of good people to post


Some answers

I'll try and answer them as they relate to the BSR1k
1A. In the program you have, Motorola modem config tool, there's bpi settings and the drop down for bpi+. they would both be blank for bpi to be off.
2A. from the cli on the cmts, do a sh cable modem mac to see what the modem can do and is set to do. example output:
CMC_BSR2k#sh cab modem mac
MAC Address MAC Prim DOC Qos Frag Con PHS Priv DCC DS US Dev.
State SID Ver Prov Saids Sids
0005.ca2b.dd49 online 620 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 CM
0005.ca43.2fe0 online 589 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 CM
0005.ca53.f559 online 612 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 CM
0008.0dd1.4a4b online 599 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 CM
0008.0dd1.524b online 615 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 CM
0008.0e94.9f0c online 525 1.1 1.0 no no no BPI no 0 0 CM
0008.0ed0.d26c online 537 1.0 1.0 no no no BPI no 0 0 CM
0008.0ee4.4908 online 515 1.0 1.0 no no no BPI no 0 0 CM
000b.0607.127c online 530 1.0 1.0 no no no BPI no 0 0 CM
000b.063b.b3a0 online 539 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 4 CM
0010.9920.0861 online 510 2.0 1.1 no yes yes BPI+ yes 15 16 eCM
0011.8007.e300 online 520 1.1 1.0 no yes no BPI no 0 0 eCM

3A. you have my email, email me yours and I can see what could be changed or add. the show tech I asked for before would be better.
4A. bpi or bpi plus protects the data between the cmts and the end user, also helps with those who have modems that pirate service.
4A. I can send you the docs for the system you have, but as far as courses I would recommend going to Motorola. they may have online courses. I do know they have classes with hands on where you can work with new equipment and docsis 3.0

hope this helps


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