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Dlink DMC-704 problem

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Dlink DMC-704 problem

I connect CM Dlink DCM-704 to Arris C4 CMTS and have a problem.
From PC connected to modem is abount 50~80% packet loss.
Modem is configured in router mode.
If I'll set it like bridge, all works good
Firmware ver DCM-704B3_GENERIC_PC15_558MP7
May be anyone have another firmware with SIP or know how to solve this problem?

Did you find software with

Did you find software with SIP?

Lukasz (not verified)
Btw. there is 2 models of

Btw. there is 2 models of this modem, if u have this one : https://eu.dlink.com/me/sr/-/media/product-pages/dcm/704/dcm_704_front.png
U need to turn off NAT on this firmware, there is no sip firmware with working nat for this modem :(

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