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Disable EMTA from mta config file.

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Disable EMTA from mta config file.

I'm testing disabling the MTA portion of EMTA modem devices, to keep the MTA portion from hammering my DHCP server. I've setup a pool for these and assign them an IP, which calms it down, but I'm wondering if I can disable the MTA portion from my mta config file.

For example, I can disable packetcable entirely in the cm config file, using SnmpMibObject iso. Integer 2; /* down */, it completely disables the MTA portion and modem functions like a CM only. I'd like to set this in the MTA portion of my config, but if I add it, it won't set that value, seems I can't set these objects from the MTA portion, is that correct? In normal operation the mta config does appear to set several values properly.

I want to use the same CM config file for all, and only assign a valid MTA config file to those who have phone service, all others would be assigned my mta-off.mta config, which I want to disable packetcable interface on boot.