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different kind of modem

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different kind of modem

Hi all,

If you have different kinds of modem in hfc cable network, does it affect the signal quality of the downstream and upstream?


shouldn't be a problem

The CMTS has modems adjust their transmit levels so that they all come back at the right power via docsis signaling. They also transmit at the right time intervals so as to not interfere by with each other. Any modem that is cablelabs certified should be fine on the plant. I'm aware of networks that have almost half a million modems comprised of over 30 different models.

The only issue I'm aware of was a Terayon model (TJ715) that could transmit out of sequence due to bad code. That was corrected in the last rev of firmware for that model. It's the only time I've heard of a modem causing RF issues.

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