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Dialing time:

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Jaime Rios
Dialing time:

Hello, I'm having problems trying to configure an eMTA Scientific Atlanta model: dpc2203c there seems to be a problem with the dialing time, after pressing the first buttom number on the phone the softswitch replies with "number no valid ......", seems like the time for dialing is not enough, is there a mib that needs to be configured so the dialing by tone be recognized by this eMTA ??. The extrange thing is that other eMTAs works fine with the actual bin file I'm using. Any ideas ???. Thanks.-

Dialing time:

Try any of these mibs:

SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigReorderToneTO.9 Integer 22 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigReorderToneTO.10 Integer 22 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigDialToneTO.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigDialToneTO.10 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMessageWaitingTO.9 Integer 60 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigMessageWaitingTO.10 Integer 60 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigStutterDialToneTO.9 Integer 60 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigStutterDialToneTO.10 Integer 60 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigBusyToneTO.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigBusyToneTO.10 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingingTO.9 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingingTO.10 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingBackTO.9 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigRingBackTO.10 Integer 180 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingMaxRep.9 Integer 3 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingMaxRep.10 Integer 3 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingDelay.9 Integer 5 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingDelay.10 Integer 5 ;

Unfortunately, without analysis, I am not able to say that mib is responsible...

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