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Diag Web Page in SB5101

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Diag Web Page in SB5101

I need to enable the CM web page in some SB5101, like I have in the CM 550a from Arris. But I am having problems, I already try to enable with some OID that found in the web, without luck.
The provider don't have any idea about what I am asking.



if you are not the provider,

if you are not the provider, this is likely impossible unless you have snmp write access to the modem.

The Web interface is turned on by default at on motorola modems. If that address does not work your provider has disabled access to the page, and in all likelihood changed the snmp write password from the default. The oid to change it won't do you any good unless you have write access, which your provider is not likely to give you.

Unfortunately I am the

Unfortunately I am the provider, I have local access to the modems, and have a nice cacti running, but I need to have wan access to the modems, like I have in the Arris 550A . So I have write access :)
Sorry, maybe I don't explain very well.

Thanks anyway



Name cmConfigGuiHfcAccessEnable!@#.iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.gi.giproducts.cm.cmConfigPrivateBase.cmConfigGuiAdminObjects.cmConfigGuiHfcAccessEnable
Syntax TruthValue
Access read-write
Status current
DefVal false
Descr This object is used to control GUI access on the HFC interface.
When this object is set to true(1) the GUI is accessible on the
HFC address. This variable should be stored in NV Ram.

This should get you going a TruthValue is an integer of either 0 for false or 1 for true.

I have a no such object

I have a no such object error like my previous tests.
The firmware installed is SW_REV: SB5101- may be too much old ?
thanks for the reply.

I answer to myself, the

I answer to myself, the firmware is too old, I will upgrade and post result.

Thanks for the help, give me some clue about the problem


can you snmpwalk it? Most

can you snmpwalk it?
Most oids are meant to be accessed with the .0 at the end
so try .

I was copying from my snmp browser so it did not put the .0 in.

This object may only be available when set in a config file as well, a lot of the internal oids are like that. I won't have access to it again till wednesday, off tomorrow and home now so I will look then.

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