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DHCP3 - Motorola Surf Board SBV5222 MTA Issues.

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DHCP3 - Motorola Surf Board SBV5222 MTA Issues.

Hello everyone!
I'm currently having issues getting The Motorola SBV5222 to activate the MTA portion of the Cable modem. The cable modem it's self comes up just fine with BPI+ Enabled. We currently having Arris TM502G's working perfectly. We received a the demo SBV5222 last week and I just started writing configs for it any playing around.

I'm currently waiting on a call back from my Motorola Rep to hopefully get me the information I need. I didn't know if someone out there had any insight on getting these MTA's to start coming up VIA DHCP3 or atleast start asking for a IP address.

Thanks in advance.

Some answers for you

you can use the sample DHCPd config here as a starting point, that will get the MTA at least requesting an IP address. The really tricky part, is that the MTA wants its own FQDN and will refuse any DHCP offer where the FQDN is not its macaddress.domain.name. i.e. 001234567890.mta.domain.net

Here though is where it gets tricky, what are you trying to get the MTA to communicate with? Packetcable (NCS) or SIP,

Packetcable (with NCS signaling) Talk to Jason Burton contact info here If he is still around he can give you a hand with the specifics of SBVXXXX modems and DHCPd3. He is a nice guy and helped me a lot when I was learning about eMTA's.

SIP, contrary to what the spec sheet says (Field upgradeable to support SIP) for these modems, these modems don't yet have firmware that supports sip. They have been promising to have it forever, but I am not aware of it being out yet. I have an open ticket with Motorola to find the answer to that question, when I hear back I will let post it here. But as of today they don't have any newer firmware out for this model of modem, in fact it is not even listed on their support site, where you would go to get updated firmware. I believe that rather than implementing a proprietary sip connection like Arris (which works great btw) Motorola is waiting until Packetcable (with SIP signaling) is a specification, currently a technical report (specs/technical reports here SIP is near the bottom).

Got the offical word from

Got the offical word from Motorola today

"There are currently no firmware updates to enable SIP on any models of SBV eMTA. I have repeatedly asked when this will be released, and they do not have a release date yet."

So as of 8-28-08 still no SIP for motorola SBV modems

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