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Depi Network Delay

I have an older Harmonic NSG-40 card without DLM. What would be a good value for the rf-channel network delay in the CMTS? Using a UBR10k with MC3gx60 connected straight up to the Harmonic.


DLM- DEPI Latency Measurement

DLM- DEPI Latency Measurement is mostly useful for RPDs, because the network path may change as routing protocols work, which could change the latency.

Imagine you had a RPD 100 miles away across a L3 leased link, with a second L3 leased link as a backup. If your primary link went down, and it switched to the backup with higher latency, without DLM there is no way for RPD and ultimately D1.x and D2.0 modems to know.

For your application where you have a External QAM connected to a CMTS probably locally in the same headend, either directly connected or via a switch, you need only measure the actual latency, with ping, and use that value. Since the path is not likely to drastically change unless you change the connectivity between the devices there should be no need to change it.

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