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CPE network design with BSR 64K

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CPE network design with BSR 64K

Hi all. I'm seeking some high-level advice on basic network design for a DOCSIS CPE subnet. Thanks in advance :)

I've inherited a small DOCSIS provider network. We have a single cable bundle with a private subnet for CPE and secondary subnet for modems. CPE traffic is routed through a NAT gateway for internet access.

We've secured a new peer and we've gotten access to a range of IPs so I want to get rid of our NAT gateway. The simplest way I can see this, would be to route subnets to our CMTS loopback interfaces and assign those IPs to CPEs with our existing DHCP servers. This would function similar to our existing net except we'd now have a routed path to the internet instead of a NAT gateway.

The question I have is, if CPEs are sharing address space with one another, how do I prevent customers from setting a static IP on their CPE and potentially causing issues? Is there a way I could create a separate /30 subnet for each customer?