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Configuring MAC Range using CNR

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Configuring MAC Range using CNR

Hello ,

I am trying to set up my uBR7246 VXR and CNR6.1 to have CM and MTA fully provision. I have been able to successfully provision individual modem manufacturers, however, when I try to provision multiple modem manufacturers, I am stuck. I will have to list the Modem MAC under client's for it to get its file. Is there a way to assign a range of MAC using CNR? For example can I set something like (00a345000000 00a345ffffff) such that any modems in this range will get a specific config file?

Thanks for your help.

Some Ideas on how to accomplish this

You can do this two ways

1) When adding clients to the CNR manually assign them the right policy for which type of modem they are.

2) You can modify the way DHCP processes requests via C++ or TCL extensions.

This would be quite easy to do in a TCL extension (not tested but should give you the general idea)

proc macfilter { request response environ } {
  set mac_address [ $response get client-mac-address ]
  set mac_address [ string tolower $mac_address ]
  if {[regexp "002040" $mac_address]} {
     $environ put policy-name "motorola"
  } elseif {[regexp "0015ac" $mac_address]} {
     $environ put policy-name "arris"

save this to a file and save it in /opt/nwreg2/extensions/dhcp/tcl/
You would then attach it to the post-client-lookup extension point see the documentation for how to do this.

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