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Combining Net for Docsis 3 IPTV

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Combining Net for Docsis 3 IPTV

Hi all, I am new to the forum and need a little help.

Background. We have a 550 MHz system being upgraded to 750MHz. Our current headend feeds 60 channels of analog,
with a simulcast of digital. Currently we use ch.2 though ch.82 and we have apx 3500 subs. We also feed IP of all channels
to another system.

Our current router is a CISCO docsis 1.1 with 5 downstream ports feeding 16 nodes. We have apx. 1800 internet subs.

We are considering buying a CASA Docsis 3 CMTS with 16 upstream ports and 16 downstream channels on 4 ports.
We would like to use our extra bandwidth to do IPTV.

Would you send the 16 bonded channels out to all nodes or should we segment our feeds with the four outputs each feeding
a balanced load? If we segment we only use four channels and if we send out as one pipe we use 16 channels.

If the IP works OK we will expand our router to 32 downstream and start converting subs over to IPTV.