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Com21 software vetsion


We are using some Com21 cable modems with software version. If anybody have newer firmware version, please send me.



jimatarris (not verified)
A word of warning if upgrading from 2.x.1.106

If someone does find you the final software version that Com21 released before they exited the business, you should be aware of a "trick" in upgrading. The final version they released was 2.x.1.109 - however upgrading from 2.x.1.106 to 109 required an interim step - you MUST upgrade to a temporary version which will perform a bootRom upgrade first.

If you go straight from 2.x.1.106 to 2.x.1.109, you could kill your modems.

Sorry I can't help you finding the software load - but I did want to warn you about the two-step upgrade.

Good luck !

Be sure to check our online support site at http//

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