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CMTS 1500 Error

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CMTS 1500 Error

Hello All,

Has anyone seen this error:

EH_event: fatal event: Assertion failed, file al_timer.c, line 194

I get it randomly and the CMTS 1500 reboots then everything seems find. Does anyone have a list of all of the errors and the descriptions? Over the years I've seen many errors. I have a friend over seas that fixes the upconverters, but I'm not sure what he knows about this stuff. I'll ask him.


Actually I've never found about this error :)

But AFAIR it's connected with too much load on Arris - simply too many modems. After setting up another 1500 and balancing load between two cmts-es error diappeared.

Not the case here.

I have on 23 modems online.

Hi Eric,

Hi Eric,

Its a software error, Priority - Emergency.



Not 100% sure on this, been a real long time since working on one of those unit's, but the software would make it a bridge or a router. designed as a bridge, so modem limit would around 800~1000 depending on services, but when you change the software to be a router, the total modems it can support is only around 16 or 25. Am I right? Anyone recall running into this way back when?



I agree it's a software error, but I run about 10 of these units all over the US. I run anywhere from 7 to 150 modems on any one system. I've never seen this. I run the same rev on every on. 4.3.307. I'm just going to send it to Cablesight.


ARRIS - 11 & 1500 O/S

Eric - The version you mention above is a beta, ...the last firm/stable release is/was version 4.3.1, ...for the 11 &/or 1500. Just food for thought, man.

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