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CM Count - Upstream Bonding - SNMP - Ubr10k

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CM Count - Upstream Bonding - SNMP - Ubr10k


I'm looking for an OID to monitor the active cm count on the upstream bonded interfaces in the Ubr10k (12.2(33)SCF3). Could someone please let me know if this exists?.

At this moment I'm using cdxIfUpChannelCmActive from ciscoDocsExtMIB for non-bonded interfaces and it's working ok but it's not showing the bonded interfaces.

Thanks in advance,

Not that easy

Unforutately it's not that easy. There is no mib nor oid to do it :(
however you can use the command in CLI:
show cable upstream service-flow summary

Try this

The one you mention will count only Docsis 2.0.

Check the cdxCmtsMacExtEntry section on CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB. cdxCmtsCmRegistered its a good option.

Please note that this is for D3.0, you need to change your mindset to work with Fiber Nodes/Mac Domains.

Hope it helps.


Only for Cable interace

This oid: cdxCmtsCmRegistered works only for cable interfaces. If you have more than one fibernode per cable interface it will not not show proper values :( there is a way to see how many modems are connected per service group:
CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB::cdxCmtsUscbDescr.1001.1 = this is UBG description
CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB::cdxCmtsUscbSfPri.1001.1 = cable modem count Docsis 3.0 only.

* it doesn't work on every IOS. Also you'll need to know which index belongs to which Upstream Bonding Group. I have the same description name (alias) in fibernode and UBG.
here's a part of telegraf setup:
name = "FNModems"
inherit_tags = ["cmts_name"]

name = "fnDescr"
is_tag = true
oid = ""

name = "cmCount"
oid = ""

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