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Cisco DPC/EPC3925 CVC file

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Cisco DPC/EPC3925 CVC file


Does anyone have access to a CVC for the Cisco DPC/EPC3925 for HW ver 1.0? Please send to

Also, has anyone ever been able to consistently login to the web interface for these modems?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you have the

Assuming you have the firmware use this method to determine the CVC...

Neat idea

In your other post you said: "rename the firmware to a .p7b extension and double click on it in Windows. Expand the tree on the left by clicking the + sign and choose certificates."
How are you opening this file to get to the tree? I get a "This file is invalid for use as the following: PKCS #7" using Win10. Is there a software to open it with?
Thanks in advance.

If you have a signed firmware

If you have a signed firmware, for example

(this is an arris one)

rename it to

then you should be able to open the file and follow the rest of the instructions.

You may need to turn display file extensions on in windows to work properly...

when in explorer, click the view menu at the top, a new ribbon menu will show up, make sure "File Name Extensions" is checked

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