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Anonymous (not verified)

The Casa CMTS looks interesting.
Some one has first hand-on experience on their CMTS ?

... wheel

Lots of next-gen looking stuff

Their systems look pretty interesting. EdgeQAMs, 1RU CMTSs, pre-docsis3...

We have a C2200. We've only

We have a C2200. We've only had it about two months. We're doing something a little different though. We are going to use it for an IPTV deployment. It seems fairly solid.

i had use c2200 with my

i had use c2200 with my customer network before, i think it's enough for normal operator , if you don't need special function .

the best is very small , 1RU Size , you can have 4 DS 24US for your customer .
by the way , i am interest about deployment IPTV . because i don't know how to have the enough bandwidth in DOCSIS 2.0 ......

some idea of price ? I live

some idea of price ? I live in Argentina, but I need the order of magnitude, to know if its affordable to our budget ...
I already send an email to sales...





Please contact me we resell CASA 3.0s and they are hugely successful. Tel: 305 861 1753, cell; 781 929 2112



I visited Casa 2 weeks ago in Andover.
I am very surprised about the products from CASA and how they work.

The C2200 is a very high density product running linux os.
At this time they have reached Docsis 3.0 silver certification and they will get full Docsis 3.0 support soon.
So they willl be the first CMTS vendor with this functionallity.

The C3200 is an full redundancy System with hot swapable units.

I hope i will have a System soon for testing!


patanjali (not verified)

Cable Digital News Analysis: Modems, CMTSs Break Docsis 3.0 Barrier
MAY 09, 2008 - CableLabs awards first-ever Docsis 3.0 cable modem certifications, while Casa Systems is first to obtain 'full' CMTS qualification (Gold)

Ed. Murphy

I just noticed that the CASA Team is made up of alot of the RiverDelta Guys.
I was really impressed with RiverDelta CMTS on their first submission to CableLabs.

If this is the same team with even more expertise moving from other companies,
I would look for great things from CASA.

BPeter (not verified)
Does any of you use Casa

Does any of you use Casa CMTS in a live network? Do you have some experience with it? Can you write a bit about it?


Adam74 (not verified)

We are also interested in CASA cmts, but are little bit sceptic, because till now none of the big MSOs is using it, no matter it has gold docsis 3.0 qualification. So we suppose there will be a lot of software problems, being a small company casa will lack appropriate technical support. I am really interested if somebody have real deployment with this CMTS and who can share some information. It looks like that CASA is not willing to sell equipment but is willing to sell the whole business to some of the big vendors like Motorola, Cisco or Arris.

I've actually been involved

I've actually been involved with using 4 of the c2200 systems on cruise ships doing IPTV over DOCSIS. From a chassis density perspective this was the perfect size for my clients needs.

No major issues to speak of, casa was responsive to modifying code to better support IPTV applications that we needed.

BPeter (not verified)
mtntrailseeker: Could you

Could you give me a contact address? I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding your IP TV solution. (We do not have a seashore, so no concurence :) )
Mine is: peter dot biro at kte dot hu


Can you send me your email contact. I would like to ask you more about your IPTV implementation - as we have some small locations that might need IPTV.

Tel 305 861 1753

HI Guys,

HI Guys,

We have been using C3200 for 2 years now and now also the C10G, excellent ED3.0 integration with some small bugs here and there but no different
to any other Vendor and i've worked on Cisco and Arris also. Density is huge and actually easy to configure, now using 10gig interfaces on Cisco and Juniper PE's also.


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