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CASA C40g MAC VENDOR and Load Balance

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CASA C40g MAC VENDOR and Load Balance

Hi everyone! I have a Casa C40g, and I would like to know if it is possible to create a rule during load balancing that identifies a specific modem based on its MAC vendor and assigns it a static group of 16 carriers ???? .



For a quick thought I would think of a solution based on the cable modem provisioning.

The DHCP-Server will recognize the vendor of the CM and will select a configfile which includes a service-type-id in the docsis extension area.

Then you can create a restricted load balance group with the limited DS- and/or US-Channel-set on the CMTS and the CM with the service-type-id will only balanced to this set of DS/US channels.

Happy reading the specification and the vendor documentation ;)

Best regards


if you need a small solution a configuration like this can work:

load-balance execution-rule 1
upstream-threshold load 5 enforce 5
method modem
threshold load 5 enforce 5
interval 20
cable modem rebalance-interval 60

load-balance policy 1
rule execution 1

load-balance restricted-group 100
docsis-mac 1
policy-id 1
qam 0/0/0
qam 0/0/1
qam 0/0/2
qam 0/0/3
qam 0/0/4
qam 0/0/5
qam 0/0/6
qam 0/0/7
qam 0/0/8
qam 0/0/9
qam 0/0/10
qam 0/0/11
qam 0/0/12
qam 0/0/13
qam 0/0/14
qam 0/0/15

load-balance restricted-cm 1
mac addr 1111.2222.3333
restricted-load-balance-group 100

something like this.

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