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CASA C3200 CPU Utilization

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CASA C3200 CPU Utilization


does anybody of you know or could check the "CPU utilization" on the CASA C3200 CMTS? We are using two of them right now.
On both of them is approx 900 modems, but the difference is in the subscriber's packets/bandwidth.

On one of them, we have the "biggest" packet 25/5Mbit and half of the subscribers are on that 25/5 packet. There we have just 4 DS bonding channels.
On the other CMTS is the highest packet 300/15 Mbit and also half of the subscribers have that packet. There we have 8 DS bonding channels, and in some MAC DOMAIN also 16 DS bonding channels.

I notice the major difference in CPU utilization. On the CMTS which has the highest packet 25/5 is the CPU utilization approx. 20% constantly.
On the CMTS who has 300/15 is the CPU utilization approx 60%, with the peak even to 80%!

I don't find the reason for that difference, except in the subscriber's packet and in the number of DS bonding channels.
What do you think about that? Could that be the reason?

What are you experience regarding the CPU utilization?

cmts1#show cpu-memory process-list all | i sshd
sshd 522 root Jul06 00:00:00 0.0 0.2
sshd 22984 root 10:37 00:00:00 0.0 0.5
sshd 22990 root 10:37 00:00:00 0.0 0.3

10:44:54 up 167 days, 21:40, 1 user, load average: 1.06, 1.18, 1.23
61 processes: 59 sleeping, 2 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 0.0% user, 8.4% system, 4.9% nice, 86.6% idle
Mem: 491728K total, 400392K used, 91336K free, 220028K buffers

cmts2#show cpu-memory process-list all | include sshd
sshd 521 root Nov17 00:15:53 0.0 0.2
sshd 14716 root 10:34 00:00:00 0.0 0.5
sshd 14734 root 10:34 00:00:00 0.0 0.3
sshd 15522 root 10:39 00:00:00 0.0 0.4
sshd 15726 root 10:40 00:00:00 3.5 0.5
sshd 15730 sshd 10:40 00:00:00 6.5 0.3

10:44:49 up 34 days, 9:25, 1 user, load average: 2.99, 2.37, 2.20
64 processes: 60 sleeping, 4 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 0.0% user, 18.2% system, 16.2% nice, 65.4% idle
Mem: 491728K total, 400232K used, 91496K free, 219900K buffers

Why on the CMTS2 is much more sshd process with even sshd user with %CPU? I think that this is also something strange? The difference is also in system and nice %.

Thanks in advance, 0603

Access list your box

Access list your box especially SSH and snmp and rpc.

multiple instances of sshd are multiple people logged in or trying to log in to your CMTS.

check show log you will likely see many connection attempts

SMM CPU and Memory

I have done some "tweaking" in access-list and it looks promising. :) Keeping my finger crossed. :)

Thank you kwesibrunee!

Regards, 0603

be sure to add this if your

be sure to add this if your software supports it.

ip access-list sunrpc-in
deny all any any any any
deny6 all any any any any
sunrpc access-group sunrpc-in in

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