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Casa 3200 Bandwidth Problem

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Casa 3200 Bandwidth Problem

Hi everybody,

we have a Casa 3200 with 24DS (EuroDOCSIS).
Service-group 1: 16DS, 8US
Service-group 2: 8DS, 4US
Fiber uplink 500Mbit/s Down

Now we have the following problem:
We only get around 190Mbit/s per service-group and modem. That mean if we use 2 modems from the service-group 1 we reach about 190Mbit/s in DS per Modem => in sum 380Mbit/s throughput. In our configfile we definite a DS with 500Mbit/s for testing. But this will never reached.

Has anybody an idea?



for higher single modem DS

for higher single modem DS speed change the map-size
e.g. upstream map size 2

you need a smaller map size to support higher DS speeds

also note you need large upstream for higher DS as well to transport all the MAPs. A 1 gig service requires about 50 Megs on the upstream to maintain that speed, so for 500 meg down you will need about 20-25 megs on the upstream to transport it.

hi kwesibrunee,

hi kwesibrunee,

thanks for your reply!
we set the upstream map size to 2 but its still the same issue
we have tested the upstream, we have about 60-70 Mbit/s with an SNR from 32 to 42

I attached the running config.


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