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can't connect to cable modem internal page from windows7

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can't connect to cable modem internal page from windows7

Hi, everyone

I'm experiencing a weird problem. Arris cable modems have an internal web page where you can connect when cable modem is not online.
When I'm connecting from linux or windows xp, everything works like a charm. I get a IP address from cable modems dhcp server and then can navigate to However with windows7 it is not the case. Arris cable modem wouldn't give me an IP address. Even If I configure an IP staticly I still can't connect.

Please, help.

Not much help to be had,

Not much help to be had, unfortunately. I've reported this as a show-stopper to Arris, and the exchanges between their support and myself have been going on for two months. The conversation is documented as ARRIS Support Case ID: 277130 if you want to check on it.

I first discovered the issue when our support folks received netbooks with Windows Vista preloaded. At first I assumed it was the netbooks, but after a LOT of testing found that it is the network stack for Vista and Win7 that will not talk to an Arris when the device is still ranging. The only workaround we have is to carry a cheap *wired* consumer router like the Netgear RP614, and use it between the Vista / Win7 computer and the Touchstone.


Tim B.

Not Exclusive to ARRIS

We've had the same problem with Motorola modems along with the fact that even when in sync they do not pass traffic to the public network from these operating systems and require the workaround you mentioned.

I'd say it's a BIG Microsoft problem, not the modem vendor's.

How is anyone else handling this problem? Comments?

We're stumped.


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