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Cable modems sitting at dhcp(ack) BSR64000

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Cable modems sitting at dhcp(ack) BSR64000

I'm running into the strangest issue with one of my BSR64000s.

Here is how the chassis is set up
Slot Type Sub Red State RM IO UpTime LastUpTime Success Failure
0 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:27 1 1
1 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:21 2 1
2 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:15 1 1
3 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:08 1 1
4 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:11 1 1
5 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:18 1 1
6 CMTS 2x8(2.0) - stby x x 06:05:24 1 1
7 SRM4 8 RUN x x 06:11:09 0 0
8 SRM4 - stby x - 06:05:04 1 1
9 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:33 1 1
10 CMTS 2x8(2.0) 6 RUN x x 06:05:30 1 1
11 DTX TX32 12 RUN x p 00:12:35 1 1
12 DTX TX32 - stby x s 06:07:35 3 1
13 DTX TX32 12 RUN x p 06:08:18 2 1
14 HSIM GE2/ETH8 - RUN x x 06:08:21 1 1
15 HSIM GE2/ETH8 - RUN x x 06:08:21 1 1

I have the slots set up like the following
interface 0/0 uses 11/0 and 11/1 (8x1 bonding)
interface 1/0 uses 11/2 and 11/3
interface 2/0 uses 11/4 and 11/5
interface 3/0 uses 11/6 and 11/7
interface 4/0 uses 13/0 and 13/1

I'm sure you get it from there.

Anyways, I have no issues getting modems to sync on 0/0 2/0 and 4/0 but they will not sync on 1/0 or 3/0. All of the interfaces are configured exactly the same, even the signal levels.

This is what it looks like when a modem is attempting to sync (show cable modem)
0/0 B1100 U2C0L0 8193 online 2349 16.1 6019.7173.1e4f
0/0 B1100 U2C0L0 8198 online 2287 16.0 7871.9cf5.2635
0/0 B1100 U2C0L0 8201 online 2346 16.1 7871.9cf5.399d
1/0 11D2C0 U4C0L0 1 dhcp(ack) 2561 11.6 14cf.e219.988b
2/0 B1140 U2C0L0 8198 online 2340 12.2 6019.7172.3e35
2/0 B1140 U2C0L0 8195 online 2289 11.8 acec.8059.76a3
2/0 B1140 U2C0L0 8194 online 2324 12.1 acec.805b.c3b

It will just sit on dhcp(ack)

Now if I move that node to use 4/0 they will all sync just fine.

I'm running bootrom

I've switched out TX32 cards and the 2:8 cmts cards to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have the same experience with the old 2x8 cards.

I tested many 2x8 configs. The 2x8 is the most irritating CMTS card I ever seen. The US F connectors are so sensitive for attenuation.
The CMs stay in DHCP(ACK) or Init(R1) state with the same config. I replaced only the cards for testing.
Try to measure and fine adjust the attuneation.

If not work it is the 2x8 card, chassis and 2x8 I/O card pairing/contacting issue inside the chassis.
First reinsert the 2x8 and its I/O card. If not work try to recombining them.
In a right combination the cards will work. So swap the 2x8 and the I/O cards in slots until all US port will work correctly.
Hard work but tested.
If a card do not work with any slot with any front/IO pair and the US port error is fixed on an F connector, it is an US port HW error.
The swap will not use on this situation. Change the card to a tested one or do not use the faulty US port.

stby card

I see that you have a standby card in slot 6.
have you tried to switch the 2x8 into standby to see if the modems work then?
can you post the show run without the ip addresses unless they are all private
single or multiple loopbacks?

We actually got it figured

We actually got it figured out. You guys were right about the return issues. It was actually a bad return transmitter in the node!

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