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Cable modem registration process

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Cable modem registration process

where is stored the configuration file uploaded into cable modem during registration process?

re: dhcp

the modem dhcp server options should have at least these options;
1 subnet mask
2 time offset
3 gateway
4 time server
51 lease time
66 tftp server ip address
67 bootfile name

tftp server would have a folder with all the modem files and tftp program would point to that folder

That point is clear. What I

That point is clear. What I mean, where is stored config file in modem after its successfully downloaded from the TFTP server? In RAM or non-vol storage?
Does this similar with Cisco IOS software that have two types of configuration files: the running (current operating) configuration and the startup configuration. The running configuration is stored in RAM; the startup configuration is stored in NVRAM. Cable modem need download a config file every time it boots or powered on: then it should be RAM, not a persistent non-volatile memory. Am I correct?

It is in RAM. That is why

It is in RAM. That is why after it reboots, it goes through the whole process all over again.

Also makes it so that if you change your cm config file, a simple reboot allows the modem to take the new file and run with it.


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