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Cable modem provisioning software

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Cable modem provisioning software

We are looking for CM provisoning software.We are using Cisco UBR7246 CMTS and Motorola SB4100 modems.
Any suggestion would be welcome. We are looking for software with basic features. No expensive software solutions.

docsis server

Everything I personally know about is at the bottom of .... If you find anything not listed there, please leave a note here -- I'd like to add it.

I think is the most popular solution.

We are using this

We are using this It is in Spanish though

DOCSIS Provisioning SW & Real-Time Diagnostics

Look into Integrated Broadband Services (
Their hosted provisioning and diagnostics solution is a VERY user-friendly
and a "no-brainer" if your goal is to keep costs low for this implementation.

Added to the software/testing/provisioning page...

No mention of docsis on their website? It does allude to cable MSO provisioning tho- Added to

More on IBBS for DOCSIS & eMTA Provisioning

In addition to their Provisioning Services, IBBS essentially offers all
elements necessary to launch internet services over DOCSIS
networks: Diagnostics Tools, eMail Services, NOC Team, Call Center
Team, and IP/DOCSIS Engineering Staff.

They don't sell CMTS, Cable Modems, eMTAs or bandwidth.

For provisioining, they provisioning docsis cable modems, packet cable
and SIP based eMTAs.

Give them a call and ask (their Tech-Sales guy Carlos) for a web-enabled
"non lab" demo of their Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Services. Good Stuff.

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