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cable modem docsis 3.0

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cable modem docsis 3.0

Staff in the coming months will be installing my first cmts docsis 3.0. today commercialize the following speeds 1m, 5m and 10m and I intend to cmts docsis 3.0 add speeds of 15, 20, 25 and perhaps 30m.

from how fast you advise installing cable modem 3.0. taking into account that the money is short. the size of the node is around 450 internet subscribers to 8 frequency downstream.

thank you, Flávio.

Start with lower speeds

Start with lower speeds having higher tested and ready to deploy. With plant similar to Yours I'm using 24 and 64 packets. It's bad idea to use 15M with 3.0, if U can have it with 2.0 easily. Of course there is an advantage of better use of downstreams - are U planning to get rid of 2.0 at all?

as I said the money is short

as I said the money is short and just want to use cable modem docsis 3.0 for speeds that are actually needed. for what you said is quietly using cable modem 2.0 for speeds up to 15m and from 20m using cable modem 3.0.

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