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cable modem and vlans

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cable modem and vlans


has anyone experience with dealing with multiple vlans on CM?
I read about VLAN per service flow, but i didn't suceed to get that thing working.

It's possible

Hi, sure it's possible.

You have to create several Service Flows and each Service Flow will located to his own individual VLAN or to a VLAN which is used from other Service Flows on the cable modem, too.

The trick then is to create the right classifier to match the right packet and to forward it into the right Service Flow.

This all is not really difficult and on the BSoD Specification from CableLabs is a good example. The trick is to create the HEX-Values for the TLVs by yourself if your configfile editor is not capable.

CableLabs SP-L2VPN:
Look at Appendix I Example L2VPN Encodings

Maybe I can post a example in the future. I have to look were I got some configfiles from the investigation in the past. But I can't promise ;)

best regards,


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