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Cable modem account

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Cable modem account

Does any one know how to account Cable modem ?
like total traffic account every month ?


it's called IPDR ( Internet Protocol Detail Record )

I know Cisco's 123.23BC2 and Motorola 64k 4.4 code has it. Although the Cisco is a bit easier. It can write to Disk while the Moto needs an external server (as far as I know)

you can use free raduis

you can use free raduis

we can't use IPDR

we can't use IPDR ....because subscriber IP Address is dymanic to lease.
and CASA CMTS don't have that function ....

we have think about the PPPOE+Radius . but the CASA CMTS don't support layer-2 function....

how do i only use freeradius on cable modem ?

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