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cable head end

I hate to sound totally stupid, but we currently have a small cable company, and have been solicated to put internet service on it. I was told that all I needed was a cable modem router, and the internet hook. Do I need an authentication server for our users?

cable head end

Sorry if I'm not understanding this correctly. Are you asking what equipment you need to provide Internet service over a CATV plant (you're a cable provider), or what equipment you need to connect to your upstream cable provider to receive data service (you're a customer)?

If you're a cable provider, you'd need to get your plant two-way capable and obtain a CMTS (cable modem termination system). See

You'd also need to obtain software to provision the cable modems and customers. This includes a DHCP server, TFTP server, and TOD server. See for a list of software and vendors that can do the provisioning.

If you're an end customer, you'd need to get a small router that can connect your office to a cablemodem. The cable company would install the cable modem, and then you'd have to set up and configure a small router. For example,

Hope this helps.

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I can help


I can give you a quote and train you. We have a few headends with data an voice.

DBS Cable
989-662-2623 ext 3#

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Try NOC Options for a soluton

Provisioning, Monitoring, Server Access.. one stop shop for remote services.

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