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C-DOCSIS proctol is published on August,17th,2012. this protol adopts channel binding technology. From DOCSIS2.0 to C-DOCSIS, this improvemen greatly enhance the datarate.because now the CMTS has16 DS and 4 US.
On the CCBN exihibition held on March.21st in Beijing, China, some companies brought their DOCSIS3.0 CMTS to this exihibition. Among them, the CMTS produced by Jinghong company is exercellent. This is their third generation products. They called them D3 series CMTS. There are three types of their D3 series :Chassis CMTS, outdoor CMTS and D-node .
All of their D3 series CMTS has 16 QAM downstream channels with 1.1Gbps data rate and 4 QPSK/QAM upstream channels with a maximum of 160Mbps data rate. the downstream channel can be flexibly configured to data channel or IPQAM channel. The data interfaces includes 1000Mbps port (RJ45) and 1000Mbps SFP.
If you are interested in the details, you can visit their website http://www.cqjinghong.com/