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BSR64k Return Spectrum

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BSR64k Return Spectrum

I was reading in a whitepaper that it may be possible to pull the return spectrum data kind of like you can get from the modems for the forward through Full Band Capture.

Does anyone have any information regarding how you would do this?

Also, I have cobbled together my own code to poll/parse/display the full band capture data but have had to do so without any real documentation whatsoever, so if anyone has anything related to that as well, I would greatly appreciate it.




Also found a paper with the same claims about getting the upstream spectrum through FBC. I trying to get a modem that supports it, so far the ones I have don´t.

For the BSR64K, google CADANT-CMTS-SPECTRUM-MGMT-MIB, all you need to collect the return spectrum is there.

For details about FBC, see "Full Band Capture Revisited", by Ron Hranac.



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