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BSR64k Not Sending Traps

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BSR64k Not Sending Traps

I have a BSR64k set up exactly the same as others in my system, but for whatever reason it is not sending the registration/deregistration traps.

Here are the relevant lines from the config
logging buffered 524288
logging control docsis
logging admin-status unconstrained
logging rate-limit 100 1
logging reporting emergency local-trap-syslog
logging reporting alert local-trap-syslog
logging reporting warning local-trap
logging reporting information local-trap
logging buffered notifications
logging commands informational
logging console errors
logging repeated filter warnings 15 10 summary 60

snmp-server engineid local 80001375030030b8c5e60000
snmp-server context
snmp-server community 7 REMOVED
snmp-server community 7 REMOVED
snmp-server enable informs
snmp-server enable traps snmp
snmp-server enable traps ospf
snmp-server enable traps vrrp
snmp-server enable traps bgp
snmp-server enable traps entity
snmp-server enable traps docsdevcmts
snmp-server enable traps flap
snmp-server enable traps pim
snmp-server enable traps registration
snmp-server enable traps snr
snmp-server enable traps specmgr
snmp-server enable traps remote-query
snmp-server host IPADDRESS traps version 2c REMOVED
snmp-server location "Location not set"
snmp-server view all experimental included
snmp-server view all private included
snmp-server view all mib-2 included
snmp-server trap rate-limit 100 1

logging on
logging trap notifications
logging snmp-trap informational
logging facility local7

I get the flap traps and syslog traps, but not registration/deregistration.

The BSR version is
Slot07 Master SRM10 Versions:
Boot ROM: RDN Created: Fri Jul 26 11:28:55 EDT 2013
System Image: